Yoga Love

Hello World!  Writing from the bestest place on the planet-my killer pad in Madison.  Every morning I wake up and say, “I have the best life.”  I love this apartment, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my Honda HR-V, my two jobs….I am so in love with life xoxo

I haven’t been doing yoga. I love yoga. I haven’t been motivated to go to the studio for some reason and haven’t done much at home. When I was teaching, it kept me on my game.  My body feels so much better when I am doing yoga–especially with the highly physical jobs I am doing, my muscles get really tight.

I love the melodic flow of yoga. I love feeling like a strong warrior. I feel like I am in training, getting ready. Not for battle of any sort but connecting body to breath so I can be centered and strong walking through life. Flowing in yoga this morning made me feel really good.

I would still love a place like Asheville Community Yoga here. It was an amazing place to gather and be around love centered people.  It was a place that felt like home, the people my family.

Connections came easy in Asheville. It was a place that felt so comfortable.  I seek this same thing here.  I have looked for it since moving here.  I will keep exploring. No biggie. I know its there for me in Asheville. I can always go back-I can visit and see old friends, we are always connected.


I am a Life Coach

I always think I am suppose to be going in a certain direction. Like, Yes, this is finally the way! I went through yoga teacher training then, “my” plan: Start teaching donation based yoga, grow it, eventually start up my own center=bring my dream of having a holistic retreat center to life.

But, life never works by “my” plan.  My classes didn’t build, so I decided to stop putting the energy into them.  I ask, did I give up too early? ( I get frustrated fast).  No, that decision felt right, when something weighs me down is a sign to step back.  The question that looms, maybe the path I thought I was on, was really not the one for me?

I am so passionate about yoga, meditation and helping people discover their unique gifts so they can go out and soar on their own journey’s.  I so want to say, “You can do this!  I was a depressed, emotional wreck! I did it, anyone can, and these are the ways…”

I have desperate energy going into this– I want to help, I want to help, I want to help…my god, that would drive me away, not draw me near.

I always go back to the question, “When I was at my lowest, what did I want in my life?”  I wanted unconditional support, I wanted someone to listen, and not tell me how to do it, but guide me in listening to, and trusting, my own inner guidance.  Following what I believe to be right has always made me feel empowered.

I have wanted others to figure it out for me. I have wanted others to tell me what direction to take. But it was only when I saw that I already knew how to do it, that there was an inner voice guiding me to what was right for me, did the decision and choices I made feel 100% for me.

“Hi, my name is Kelly Garrigan and I am a Life Coach who uses the practices of yoga, meditation, nutrition and journaling to aid you in finding the hidden jewels that are buried deep within you”.

The world is waiting to hear from you. Life is waiting for you to express your greatness. Take the reigns and step out.

I know I am. Join me xoxo


Love It or Leave It

In any situation, you have two choices.

Love the shit out of it.


Leave it

I am teaching donation based yoga at a coworking space I belong to. I do not love everything about it but at the same time, I am finding it hard to leave it. Questions arise in me: Am I giving up on my dream Am I a quitter? Am I failure? What will people think?

Lots of stories come up in my mind, creating ways to justify leaving or trying to find ways to continue on.

With ending it, I feel it is another thing I tried that I gave up on. The wind is out of my sails and I no longer have the drive to continue. Then, I wonder if this pattern will repeat in future endeavors.  Yes, my mind goes on and on. So I sat with the feelings this morning in meditation.

Is it the end of a dream? No. To continue endlessly in one direction is like driving a car in the dark, staring blindly ahead with no regard to what is around.  Nothing is adding that zip and spark to life.

I feel as if I need another destination before leaving this one.  Like I need to know where I am headed. I always do that-stop; make other plans then move forward. But, what if this time, I just stopped doing this one thing, waited and made myself open to a new opportunity. Whoa. Now that felt good and light and open and good energy was going into to it. I want to teach yoga. More opportunities will come.

Morning Rituals-Creating a Day of Amazingness


From the Diary of the Spiritual Warrior

I have been doing this morning ritual just about every day since August. It has evolved into the greatest joy of my day because it lets be create a day by my own design. My favorite part is writing because here is where the magic gets created. I focus on the abundance in my life, create wish lists of what would make the day kick ass awesome and put down goals which give me a road map for the day.   Continue reading

Thinking Beyond Limitations-Asheville or Bust

City of Asheville

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

Along my journey, I find many people do not live the life they so desire because they are stuck in a limiting belief system.  When a person is surrounded by people who cannot see possibilities, they are never encouraged to venture out.

The spiritual warrior must find the courage within themselves to stand alone and go against tribal mentality so they can follow their heart to live the life they are being called to live. Continue reading