The Dreams are Calling

When you have this thought, idea, dream and it keeps coming up again and again….and again, I would say that is a soul calling.

I have this belief (its mine, you don’t need to hold it),that we each have our own individual soul callings. Things that we are pre-destined to do in order to expand and uplift our planet.  It is in our own growth and expansion that it affects the planet and humanity as a whole. So when you grow, humanity grows.

I have had these soul callings for a long time-

The Ruby Slipper-an upscale resale shop containing dresses, shoes, purses, accessories and cute home accessories.  A place where the fashion forward woman can shop for one of a kind pieces enabling her to express her creative individuality.

Travel and Writing- (I get energy tingles when I write that). Traveling the world, gathering experiences, meeting people, collecting stories–from this, I write my experiences and share the wisdom gained and the self growth achieved.

Retreat Center-A place for healing the mind body and soul. Centered in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, this is a place of peaceful serenity for people to come and enjoy a spa like experience.

I keep thinking I need money to get all these things done (lots of money cuz I like things really really nice), and people to do it with, cuz I don’t like to be tied down to one place.  Are these thoughts blocking me?  Yes.

I am open Universe. Open to however you want things to come. I am working on a 2018 gathering in Hawaii…..selling on Ebay, bringing the Ruby Slipper to life virtually and writing right here.

Whoa! Feeling aligned with my soul calling— LOVIN LIFE!!


The Book Commitment



From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

I have always wanted to write a book. So, why haven’t I? Well, I have so many thoughts and stories to write about, the process seems overwhelming and daunting I don’t know where to start or what subject to focus on or what would be the best message to convey.  There is the analytical mind getting in the way friends.   And, of course, with these thoughts, I am making it a harder process than what it is.   Continue reading