Eating Emotions

My stomach has been acting up again.  Every time I eat, my stomach gets bloated. It is so uncomfortable, I can barely stand it.

I don’t think the foods I am eating are all that bad, its that I am shoveling them in so fast that I don’t know when I am full so I just keep eating and eating and eating.  Then, yes its obvious, bloated stomach.

I am an emotional eater. I didn’t realize how much I was until I did the Arbonne “30 Days to Healthy Living” program.  Here, I ate only 3 times a day and it was at, approximately, the same times every day.  Here, I noticed that at certain times and because of certain triggers, I would want to start shoving food in my mouth.  It was a real eye opener.

I eat for comfort. I want the food to fill me up and make me feel whole.

I eat to bury my emotions.  When I feel bad about decisions, or I am trying to avoid decisions, I eat. I want the food to take away the thoughts,the never ending circling of stories that my mind creates.

You wouldn’t think I had these issues with food-I am not heavy, my diet is 100% better than it was in my past.

I didn’t even know I had these issues with food.  I think a lot of people have issues with food.

I looked up leaky gut yesterday and, after reading why it happens, along with the symptoms, the reason for my bloating is leaky gut.

I know how to deal with leaky gut and my bloating.  What I don’t know is how to deal with my emotional eating.  This has me stumped. I usually don’t write about something until after I have come up with an empowered way of dealing with it.

Here, I decided to open and vulnerable. I need help with my emotional eating.

Time to nutritionally rebalance my body with an Arbonne cleanse but, most importantly, find a way to deal with the emotions in a more positive way.


I am a Life Coach

I always think I am suppose to be going in a certain direction. Like, Yes, this is finally the way! I went through yoga teacher training then, “my” plan: Start teaching donation based yoga, grow it, eventually start up my own center=bring my dream of having a holistic retreat center to life.

But, life never works by “my” plan.  My classes didn’t build, so I decided to stop putting the energy into them.  I ask, did I give up too early? ( I get frustrated fast).  No, that decision felt right, when something weighs me down is a sign to step back.  The question that looms, maybe the path I thought I was on, was really not the one for me?

I am so passionate about yoga, meditation and helping people discover their unique gifts so they can go out and soar on their own journey’s.  I so want to say, “You can do this!  I was a depressed, emotional wreck! I did it, anyone can, and these are the ways…”

I have desperate energy going into this– I want to help, I want to help, I want to help…my god, that would drive me away, not draw me near.

I always go back to the question, “When I was at my lowest, what did I want in my life?”  I wanted unconditional support, I wanted someone to listen, and not tell me how to do it, but guide me in listening to, and trusting, my own inner guidance.  Following what I believe to be right has always made me feel empowered.

I have wanted others to figure it out for me. I have wanted others to tell me what direction to take. But it was only when I saw that I already knew how to do it, that there was an inner voice guiding me to what was right for me, did the decision and choices I made feel 100% for me.

“Hi, my name is Kelly Garrigan and I am a Life Coach who uses the practices of yoga, meditation, nutrition and journaling to aid you in finding the hidden jewels that are buried deep within you”.

The world is waiting to hear from you. Life is waiting for you to express your greatness. Take the reigns and step out.

I know I am. Join me xoxo