Making Room for What You Desire

For something better to enter your life, you first need to let go of what you are presently holding on to.

Over the past few years, I have become aware that it is only when I first let something go that what I truly desire magically appears in my life.  I use to hold on to the belief that I should wait for something to show up to replace the current situation I was in.  Whether it be a job, a relationship, or even something like a car or a new jacket.  When I made the decision to leave, move on or let go of the object, then, and only then, did something new appear.

I truly desire to amass great wealth and financial abundance.  In the past, this always felt greedy and gave off a sense of entitlement.  People with money throw there power and influence around. They spend money on crap they don’t need.  Obviously, this was me when I had more money. It was great being supported in lavish ways.  I still like it actually-I won’t kid myself or you.

But, I see that money can afford me so many things-a reliable car, a place to live, good food to eat, good products to use on my skin and body.  Plus, it can afford me to give-the thing I want to do most. To create something that gives back, to donate to programs for the less fortunate, to support those that are out chasing their passions and to provide extra special things for my family and friends.  To travel the world and collect stories with my bestie.

I will be pondering this very question today to see what I come up with–What do I need to do to make room for money to flow into my life? What do I need to let go of?

And, I ask you–

What do you desire? What do you need to let go of to make room for something better?

Show Me the Benjamin’s-How to Manifest More Money!


“You do not have to actually be abundant in order to attract abundance, but you do have to FEEL abundant.” Esther Hicks

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

I have had a lot of conversations about money lately.  I hear people saying they just don’t have enough to pay bills, they are in debt, and they want more but just can’t get there. The money they make just is never enough. I see so many people in this lack mentality which is generated by fear.  The fear is real, I am not discounting that. Dominate thoughts of where your next paycheck will come from when you live the life of an artist, a server or as a business owner are constantly running rampant in your mind. Continue reading