Thank & Grow Rich Update


Hey Ya’ll! I am in Asheville NC, away from my family back home in Wisconsin.  I had to do something that kept me grounded going this chapter of my life so that I could fully enjoy and appreciate this incredible part of my journey. I had to do something that would keep me in high vibration energies so that I can draw my dreams and desires into reality. Books always help me so I delved into Pam Grouts “Thank and Grow Rich”  Continue reading

Morning Rituals-Creating a Day of Amazingness


From the Diary of the Spiritual Warrior

I have been doing this morning ritual just about every day since August. It has evolved into the greatest joy of my day because it lets be create a day by my own design. My favorite part is writing because here is where the magic gets created. I focus on the abundance in my life, create wish lists of what would make the day kick ass awesome and put down goals which give me a road map for the day.   Continue reading

The Book Commitment



From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

I have always wanted to write a book. So, why haven’t I? Well, I have so many thoughts and stories to write about, the process seems overwhelming and daunting I don’t know where to start or what subject to focus on or what would be the best message to convey.  There is the analytical mind getting in the way friends.   And, of course, with these thoughts, I am making it a harder process than what it is.   Continue reading