The Choice is Mine

If I spent as much time coming up with creative ways of living my life than I do spending time on being upset about outcomes or what I should be doing, I would have more fun.

Thoughts can weigh one down. When we live more in our heads, we are leading life from an over analytic way of living. Constantly circling one thought after another. Most times, thoughts from yesterday trying to sort feelings and emotions.

I get weighed down with thoughts so I tend to keep myself overly busy. That way, I have no time to think, other than what I will be doing and getting ready for the next thing.  I like it in a way. It keeps me in the present moment.

This same coping strategy ends up exhausting me and pushes me to the edge so I have to back off a bit and relax. But, I do see that I have found a balance with it. Like today, I chose to sleep in later, hug myself and pull back from social activities.

But, my mind is racing wondering what I will do next.  Who can I get together with? Should I go up north this weekend?  Should I stay home and read? Should I have a dinner party? Go to a movie? What shall I do?  Maybe just run away for the weekend to someplace secluded.  I always want to run run someplace to get away-from my life, from my thoughts. Somewhere different offers me different perspectives.  A chance to get away from things at home that remind me of the thoughts I have.

In mindfulness, they teach us to stay with our thoughts and feelings.  Pushing them away only leads to them constantly coming back, haunting us, resulting them to come back in negative behavior patterns.

I write a lot about thoughts.  My thoughts have haunted me all my life. Sometimes these were friendly hauntings, many times they were not.

I am not my thoughts. I have a choice in what I think. I have a choice in that I can either waste my time thinking of yesterday or give my mind a job of coming up with creative ways of doing, being, living, loving.

I have a choice.

I am not my thoughts.


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