Affirmations in Meditation

Affirmations are a powerful tool to use both throughout the day as well as in meditation.

I have been using the Insight Timer App to do my daily meditation and stumbled upon a meditation that uses 33 affirmations to receive abundance, health and love.

Below, I have listed some of the ones that resonated strongly with me.  What I have done in the past is record these affirmations on the voice memo app on my phone then played them back during my meditation practice.  If you don’t like your voice, let me know, I can record them and send them to you 🙂

Saying the affirmations out loud brings even more power to them. The vibration of your voice on the words brings energy to the affirmation. Try it both ways and see how it feels!!

  • I have decided to manifest prosperity in my life.
  • I am living the life I have always desired.
  • I am unlimited. I have ore than enough time, money and energy.
  • I ask for what I want, knowing its always given.
  • I am a receiver. Receiving expands the highest vibration that I am and brings me joy, happiness and prosperity.
  • I have decided its important to feel good.
  • I continually look for thoughts and experiences that make me feel the best I can be.
  • Today, I can do absolutely anything.
  • I listen to my intuition and receive Divine guidance clearly.
  • I take inspired actions that lead me in the best direction always.
  • Joy is the highest vibration and I choose to do things that bring me joy.
  • I only accept the best in all my relationships.
  • I easily let go of experiences and feelings that don’t serve me.
  • It is fun and easy to receive multiple sources of income.
  • I freely enjoy managing large amounts of money.
  • I live in a prosperous world, money flows in easily and effortlessly.
  • I envision success and plan for it daily.
  • I am a confident, powerful creator of money, prosperity and love.
  • I am a model for health, prosperity and financial success.
  • I inspire others to manifest their highest desires.
  • My bank account grows daily.
  • I exercise my body and take excellent care of myself.
  • I model others who live my desired lifestyle.
  • Everyday, I expect and receive miracles.
  • I deliberately create my life.
  • I have the power within to receive greatness.
  • My relationships grow healthier and happier every day.
  • I am truly grateful for the money and love I have in my life right now.

I know doing these affirmations will bring a shift in your life.  I am curious to see the miracles they usher in so please share your feedback with me!!

My love and light always xo

I am a Life Coach

I always think I am suppose to be going in a certain direction. Like, Yes, this is finally the way! I went through yoga teacher training then, “my” plan: Start teaching donation based yoga, grow it, eventually start up my own center=bring my dream of having a holistic retreat center to life.

But, life never works by “my” plan.  My classes didn’t build, so I decided to stop putting the energy into them.  I ask, did I give up too early? ( I get frustrated fast).  No, that decision felt right, when something weighs me down is a sign to step back.  The question that looms, maybe the path I thought I was on, was really not the one for me?

I am so passionate about yoga, meditation and helping people discover their unique gifts so they can go out and soar on their own journey’s.  I so want to say, “You can do this!  I was a depressed, emotional wreck! I did it, anyone can, and these are the ways…”

I have desperate energy going into this– I want to help, I want to help, I want to help…my god, that would drive me away, not draw me near.

I always go back to the question, “When I was at my lowest, what did I want in my life?”  I wanted unconditional support, I wanted someone to listen, and not tell me how to do it, but guide me in listening to, and trusting, my own inner guidance.  Following what I believe to be right has always made me feel empowered.

I have wanted others to figure it out for me. I have wanted others to tell me what direction to take. But it was only when I saw that I already knew how to do it, that there was an inner voice guiding me to what was right for me, did the decision and choices I made feel 100% for me.

“Hi, my name is Kelly Garrigan and I am a Life Coach who uses the practices of yoga, meditation, nutrition and journaling to aid you in finding the hidden jewels that are buried deep within you”.

The world is waiting to hear from you. Life is waiting for you to express your greatness. Take the reigns and step out.

I know I am. Join me xoxo


Meditation Forever!

For several years, I have talked about tools of empowerment. These are practices that we do in our life on a daily basis to keep us strong. Why? Because life isn’t always smooth sailing. The waters get rough from time to time and unless one has built a stable foundation, coping with life’s stressors can be daunting.  Feeling overwhelmed, often times turning to things outside of ourselves for the strength we need, the situation gets worse, we feel even worse and a seemingly small thing escalates into a huge issue.

I use to carry the belief that because certain practices are my empowerment tool, that everyone should use them to build strength and resilience.  But, I have seen that everyone deals with life differently and each person has their own set of tools that they draw their super power strength from.

For myself, meditation is one of my greatest tools. It eases my mind, helps me see the world with more clarity and aids me in dealing with the things that come up in a day.

Yesterday, I didn’t get in my morning meditation and realized that life seemed a little bit more hairy than usual.  I was more tense, less patient, more critical and more expressing of my negative voice.  This is an interesting observation in my thoughts feelings and behavior as it relates to meditation.

Although I find this practice extremely beneficial, it  been consistent until just recently.  I wasn’t committed to it.  I would usually wait til my life got a little crazy then go back to it.  But, what if, I made a full on commitment of daily practice? What if, after this 6 week commitment were over and I continued?

(Big breath) I Kelly Jo Garrigan, am committing to a life long journey of daily meditation. If I miss a day, so what.  I will continue the next day.  But, I will make every effort to do this practice for at least 15 minutes a day.  And, if I can’t do 15, I will do 5. I can fit in 5 minutes-come on!

Expanding my mind-building greater strength. Going out to kick ass in my life because this practice helps me stand confident in the knowing that I can do whatever the hell I want in my life. GO GIRL!! (ummmm…ok-lol)

Connecting with Unlimited Possibilites


Good morning amazing friends! I write today from a state of “not knowing” what might transpire here on this page. In trying to capture inspiring thoughts, it seems that I have blocked my creativity. Like, I am trying to throw down the most powerful, awe inspiring thoughts to help others.

Help others when all I want to do is inspire and help myself to live a kick ass amazing life.  So, I am dropping the “others” in this equation and thinking from a place of entitled selfishness. A place that always made me feel ashamed because I was taught that by thinking of myself first, it was selfish and this was a bad thing.

I write and go through these processes to better myself, to think more clearly, to end my suffering of the mind, to be stronger and empowered.  If it touches you, great! If not, I really don’t care-don’t read it.

Here are my thoughts for today and it has to do with getting in a place of being open and receptive to what you truly desire.

My bestie sent me a Youtube link on a talk from Law of Attraction expertAbraham Hicks and I started listening to it.  Esther talks about being aligned with source energy and in a place of receptivity. She then went on to say that the most important way to get there is through meditation.

Why? When we meditate, we are easing the mind, letting go of analyzing thoughts, our fears and anxiety. Meditation opens us to the creative, inspiring thoughts that are there just waiting for us to capture and breathe life into to.  Meditation is lining us up to source energy, that thing  you can God, Buddha, Jesus, whatever you choose to say, but it is the driving force of the Universe.

I reflected on this and could see that meditation helps me to let go. It lets be open to infinite possibilities. I can see where I am being small and how to come play on a grand scale.  It helps me think more creatively in ways that are unlimited.

“With God all things are possible.” (insert bible verse here, I have no clue which one but I don’t really care).  God is this source energy that flows in the Universe.  When I connect with this force, anything is available to me-anything is possible. My world opens up to infinite possibilities and I am a powerful force of loving good in the world.

My Faith resides in the belief that I am Divinely guided by this powerful source energy.  We all are. We just have to be open to it and through the practice of meditation, it gives us a way to let go and be open.


Poetic Processing

In writing this today, I realized I am doing morning meditation trying to “get” something out it.  I feel as if I need to get these grand insights of wisdom or over the top creative landslides of what I should be doing.

Thats not the case. Interesting introspection after this poem came out. Putting expectations on outcomes of what I “should” be getting rather then seeing what would transpire.

I sank into my heart in meditation

I went to my mind.

I returned to my heart

I asked-what are you feeling, what do you want?

My mind started thinking

Thoughts of yesterday

Stories of what I did

Narratives of what people might be thinking

Return to my heart

Frustrated in this process

I want to get something out of it




In order to write something

To get

I am doing it to get

The purpose overlooked

Blinded by forcing a certain outcome

So I let go

And this came



Inner guidance

I am free

To create

My life

My dreams