Shift in Thinking


Something has changed within me-maybe its from listening to these Abraham inspirational talks every day. Maybe its focusing on all that I love. Maybe its giving myself permission to accept the fact that whatever I want, I can truly have.

I am not sure but I don’t care what it is, I am so happy and joyful. I am like,hey, GLEE!  Probably break out in a dance along with singing.

It started with this……

Yup, I got it! My Honda HR-V. Written in an earlier post, I had my eyes on the red one but when I went out shopping for it, there it was.  The price and payments that I wanted, the process was easy, I just did it.  I didn’t wait because I didn’t think I couldn’t.

See, I was in resistance to buying this because I didn’t want to tie up my money into a car payment, thinking that it would restrict me from doing other things. And, that is what I kept saying. No extra money for travel or manicures….but then I thought, ummm…whatever I want to have, the money will appear to pay for it.

And, this is the attitude I am starting to move forward with. No more thoughts of lack and scarcity, thinking I can’t do it or have it all. Thinking I have to wait for it all until I have a rich, hot amazing man (although I will have that too). No, I can have it all now.

And the feeling is empowering. I use to say, “don’t put happiness on material things.”  But, its more than that, I like nice things.  Pretty things make me feel good. Indulging in manicures and massages make me glow.  Getting dressed up and looking pretty make me feel like a princess. I like feeling like a princess. Why don’t I deserve it but the next person does?  I am worth it. Screw it-I want it all. Vacations, houses, cars, romance, money, shoes, clothes, money for friends and family.  I am proud of what I have and what I can give to others.

Gauging my feelings, this feel pretty damn good.

I was struggling when I first came back to Madison from Asheville. But, I kept saying–today, I have all I need. Today, my bills are paid. Today, I have money for food and an occasional going out with friends.  Today I am happy and loved and secure.

Because all I thought about was today, more of what I had today manifested.  You get what you focus on.

Go ahead, take a leap into a different way of thinking. Try it, see what happens. You might just get a new car, a better relationship, or a trip to Italy….

Fun Love

My bestie sent me this Youtube talk from Abraham Hicks yesterday. This morning I thought, why not get inspired by listening to one of these every morning.

See, this Esther Hicks talks about being in alignment with source energy. When you are in this vortex, as she calls it, you can manifest anything you desire.  She gives tips on how to get your thinking on the right track–to be clear of what you desire and start to generate feelings for what you want versus being focused on what you don’t want.

Hmmmm…what do I want?

The biggest thing I want, above everything else, (because I think I have everything–besides my Honda HR-V, but that’s coming next week), is a fun, romantic relationship. I want a partnership with someone to explore life with.  I want to be silly with someone and laugh my ass off and have romantic nights and growing together and finding more about ourselves through each other.  I want to love someone with all of my soul and want them to love me back the same way.

I know this is right there waiting for my energy to be aligned with it.  I am on the outside of this love vortex looking and “wanting” to be in it when in actuality, it is right within my reach….just by focusing on what all this would feel like.

I have thought about this relationship before. I have held it in my heart for a long time, even before I was married.  A lot got in the way but thats ok. I needed to go through some growth to be who I am today so I was ready for it.

How would it feel? Fun, exciting, secure, warm and fuzzy, romantic,  taken care of, protected, encouraged, strong.  It would be like, I HAVE IT ALL!  And, because of it, all of the best of me would come out even more. The world would be brighter for me and all who are in it.

Thats the magic of love and manifesting–it not only makes your world better, it touches all those around you.  xoxo


Manifesting a New Car

Last week, I got together with my friend Michelle and we talked about the “What If” game. Its a method to use for manifesting what you desire.

A lot of times, what I want seems so out of reach, thinking that I need certain things to be in place before they come to me. For instance, I need to make more money to buy a car or go to Italy.  Or, that the way to get what I desire should come in a certain way.

The “What If” game opens your mind to unlimited possibilities, so in my writing today, I am going to play “What If”.

I desire a new car.  At the same time, I don’t want car payments. Well, thats negating my desire, I guess it will never come. To make things more clear, what I truly desire is a new car with no car payments. How can that happen?

What if-

  • Someone gave me a car?
  • I won a car in a contest?
  • I won the lottery and could purchase a car with cash?
  • I got  job where I had a company car?
  • I started dating someone who had an extra car so they let me use it?

But, are cars really a good investment?  Not really.  I just went and looked at my car. My car is cool. I love my car. It has good mileage and only 132,000, I could drive it for another 5 years.

What if I saved the money over the next 5 years and bought a new car outright? I have always wanted to do this.

What if I started saving the money then one of the above bulleted items came through because the Universe saw I was serious about getting a new car?

And, what if it didn’t take 5 years to save the money, it arrived sooner than I thought.

Today, I will start paying for my new car. I will start looking for the car I want. I will test drive and price them out.  No matter what comes up, I won’t say, I will hold off because the decision is made-I am gettng a new car.

The decision is made!


Show Me the Benjamin’s-How to Manifest More Money!


“You do not have to actually be abundant in order to attract abundance, but you do have to FEEL abundant.” Esther Hicks

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

I have had a lot of conversations about money lately.  I hear people saying they just don’t have enough to pay bills, they are in debt, and they want more but just can’t get there. The money they make just is never enough. I see so many people in this lack mentality which is generated by fear.  The fear is real, I am not discounting that. Dominate thoughts of where your next paycheck will come from when you live the life of an artist, a server or as a business owner are constantly running rampant in your mind. Continue reading