Letting the Magic Happen

Yesterday, when I was feeling low cuz shit wasn’t going my way, I drew strength from inspirational quotes on Facebook and Instagram.  It gave me hope to keep my head up. It reminded me that, the Universe was working for me. It reminded me that I have been through this kind of crap before and, in the end, things all worked out for the best.

Yesterday, I meditated and the things that were circling in my mind, getting me upset, I sent love on.

Yesterday, I kept reminding myself, that when I release and let go of things, (because I can’t control it anyway and when I do, it makes things worse), all is worked out. I don’t have to put effort into it.

Two weeks ago, my son and I got into a huge fight.  Instead of trying to fix it and pushing at him to talk things out, I let it go.  I sent love to the whole experience and to him. Yesterday, my son called me. Yesterday gave the proof that letting go, sprinkling the situation with thoughts of love, and letting the Universe do its job, that things work out.  There is a wizard behind the curtain, taking my love and making my life turn out just as I hope and wish.

That was yesterday. Today, I have even more faith and hope that when you ask, all is granted to you. It may not seem like it during the fruition stage but, it does happen.

May the force of the Universe be with you xo

Thank & Grow Rich Update


Hey Ya’ll! I am in Asheville NC, away from my family back home in Wisconsin.  I had to do something that kept me grounded going this chapter of my life so that I could fully enjoy and appreciate this incredible part of my journey. I had to do something that would keep me in high vibration energies so that I can draw my dreams and desires into reality. Books always help me so I delved into Pam Grouts “Thank and Grow Rich”  Continue reading