The 2 Week Journey Inward

This Thursday marks 2 weeks until I turn 50. I will be 50 years old. whoa.

I love my birthday. I love the thought of celebrating myself and this life I love. I love thinking about all the new experiences that lay ahead of me on this amazing journey into the next decade of my life.

I feel as if the next year of my life is going to be huge, that big things lie ahead, that I will be living more boldly than I ever have before.

To live life in this way, I need strength and courage. I need self confidence and resilience.

I feel as if I have been preparing myself and building up everything that is needed.

But, there is something about this 2 week mark that has me wanting to hunker down and really unplug, cleanse, take time for me.

I will be cleansing in all areas of my life-food, social media and social outings. I will be practicing yoga and meditation more as well as practicing silence both at home and work. I will be doing less talking and more listening.

Looking forward to writing about the things that come up and how I have let them go.

The 2 week journey inward-finding peace, love and strength. I love you Kelly Jo xoxo

Asking for a Partner

Everything I ask for seems to magically appear. But, when its not in the form that I think it should come in, I block it fully coming to fruition with my resistance to what is.

I think, for the most part, this is most people’s problem with manifesting your desires. Things come to you but when its not the way we think they should be, all sorts of ideas and thoughts to it come up in our minds.

This just happened to me. I really desire a guy to do things with. To have fun with, travel with, go on adventures with.  And, one appeared but, it wasn’t the one that I really want because the one that I want is unavailable to me in that way.

So the path of least resistance is the one Abraham says to take.  And, for me, this would be like saying and thinking, “Oh, this showed up?  I guess I will take a hold of it and see what happens.”  I keep remembering being with this guy is easy-conversations are intriguing, he makes me think deep. He is open to trying new things and thinking in new ways. Qualities that are rare in guys my age (or most ages–lol).

I remember holding on in my marriage. Did I think Jim would turn into this prince charming, devoting his undying love for me and telling me that I was the most amazing woman in the world and that he would do anything for me?  I think he loved me in his own way but I never felt it. I never felt special.

I want to feel special to someone.  I want to be the center of someones world. I want to travel and have fun and find new things.  So, there are my desires.  Now, I am going to sit back and see what shows up. xoxoxo

Fun Love

My bestie sent me this Youtube talk from Abraham Hicks yesterday. This morning I thought, why not get inspired by listening to one of these every morning.

See, this Esther Hicks talks about being in alignment with source energy. When you are in this vortex, as she calls it, you can manifest anything you desire.  She gives tips on how to get your thinking on the right track–to be clear of what you desire and start to generate feelings for what you want versus being focused on what you don’t want.

Hmmmm…what do I want?

The biggest thing I want, above everything else, (because I think I have everything–besides my Honda HR-V, but that’s coming next week), is a fun, romantic relationship. I want a partnership with someone to explore life with.  I want to be silly with someone and laugh my ass off and have romantic nights and growing together and finding more about ourselves through each other.  I want to love someone with all of my soul and want them to love me back the same way.

I know this is right there waiting for my energy to be aligned with it.  I am on the outside of this love vortex looking and “wanting” to be in it when in actuality, it is right within my reach….just by focusing on what all this would feel like.

I have thought about this relationship before. I have held it in my heart for a long time, even before I was married.  A lot got in the way but thats ok. I needed to go through some growth to be who I am today so I was ready for it.

How would it feel? Fun, exciting, secure, warm and fuzzy, romantic,  taken care of, protected, encouraged, strong.  It would be like, I HAVE IT ALL!  And, because of it, all of the best of me would come out even more. The world would be brighter for me and all who are in it.

Thats the magic of love and manifesting–it not only makes your world better, it touches all those around you.  xoxo


Getting Ready to be Ready

You know those inspirational things you read something like-“Joy and happiness first then you will receive what you desire”.

I was listening to this Abraham Hicks thingy that my bestie Amanda sent me. It was awesome in that it states, as I often believe but often forget, “complaining causes a block in you desires.” Here we are creating problems that don’t exist.

I want to be in a state of allowing–allowing love, money, good times, adventures, trips with my bestie, good times with friends, being with my family.

It all starts with me. Me tapping into the love, joy and happiness in my heart. It is about me focusing on all the amazing kick ass stuff in my life. It is me not complaining about stupid stuff that really doesn’t matter or being afraid of stuff that probably won’t happen anyway.

I have so much good going on in my life right now.  I am freakin happy for every single thing.  I am getting ready to be ready. Today there is joy, happiness, abundance, good times, dance parties, cartwheels and rainbows.

Today is the best day ever!  I am open to allowing and receiving all that my heart desires.

Letting the Magic Happen

Yesterday, when I was feeling low cuz shit wasn’t going my way, I drew strength from inspirational quotes on Facebook and Instagram.  It gave me hope to keep my head up. It reminded me that, the Universe was working for me. It reminded me that I have been through this kind of crap before and, in the end, things all worked out for the best.

Yesterday, I meditated and the things that were circling in my mind, getting me upset, I sent love on.

Yesterday, I kept reminding myself, that when I release and let go of things, (because I can’t control it anyway and when I do, it makes things worse), all is worked out. I don’t have to put effort into it.

Two weeks ago, my son and I got into a huge fight.  Instead of trying to fix it and pushing at him to talk things out, I let it go.  I sent love to the whole experience and to him. Yesterday, my son called me. Yesterday gave the proof that letting go, sprinkling the situation with thoughts of love, and letting the Universe do its job, that things work out.  There is a wizard behind the curtain, taking my love and making my life turn out just as I hope and wish.

That was yesterday. Today, I have even more faith and hope that when you ask, all is granted to you. It may not seem like it during the fruition stage but, it does happen.

May the force of the Universe be with you xo