Doin” What I love

If you have read things on “The Law of Attraction” or are a follower of Abraham Hicks, you know that by being in states of higher energy vibration attracts to you what you desire.

High vibration states are those of happiness, joy and gratitude.  Low states would consist of anger, jealously and resentment.

To figure out what state you are  currently in, you just ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What am I feeling?”  If you are feeling happy and joy filled, my god, you are in high vibration states-start dancing and ask the Universe for  million dollars!  If you are angry or resentful, stop in tracks Martha because you will be presented with more situations that cause these feelings.

How do you stay in states of high vibration?  You follow your bliss, do what you love, explore things that open your mind and soul to new ways of expanding.  Listen to Hall & Oats while writing a blog….the list is is endless. The key is doing things that make you feel good.

I asked myself this morning what are the things that I like doing, the things that bring a smile to face and fill my heart with joy.

Things That Make my Heart Sing 

  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Reading inspirational books
  • Playing my drum, tambourine, my singing bowl
  • Singing in private
  • Going to movies
  • Going to the theater
  • Going out to eat, especially at nice restaurants
  • Getting together with friends
  • Connecting with new people-making friends
  • Hearing peoples stories of overcoming adversary
  • Shopping at thrift stores
  • Sharing Arbonne
  • Singing and dancing in my car
  • Going on adventures to new places
  • Traveling the world
  • Learning about new cultures
  • Going to historical places and learning about stuff
  • Going to churches and sacred spots
  • Taking seminars or programs for self growth
  • Being in the beauty industry
  • Serving and bar tending
  • Having a bouquet of flowers
  • Helping someone see there is hope
  • Seeing the unique qualities in people then telling them what I see
  • Sharing time with my son and grandson
  • Being connected with my family
  • Thinking of creative ways to live my life
  • Yoga-practicing and teaching
  • Meditation
  • Holistic ways of living
  • Going to spas 🙂
  • Staying at swanky hotels and resorts
  • Being alone
  • Walking a dog
  • Being silly with my bestie
  • Kirtan

Every day, I am going to do something off this list. I am going to bring joy into everything I do. Life is suppose to be fun and full of silliness.  Well, my life anyway, its how I choose to live it– flowing on the current of life, with a smile on my face, being open to whatever comes my way, exploring it to see if it works, moving on with no regrets if it does not.

Now, get out there and do things you love every single day. Focus on those things. Ask yourself, “What do I love to do? ” Then do it!  Don’t squander your life away on “I don’t have money” ” I will do it later”, kinds of thoughts. The time to live and do is today!!



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Allowing it to come

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

As 2015 comes to an end, I reflect on what has shaped me. The growth I have experienced. The hurdles I have faced. Each year, I learn more and more about myself, revealing what truly drives me and the things my heart yearns for. I feel like an onion, peeling away the layers of what is hiding my true essence. Through this process, I have come to love and accept the beautiful soul that I am.  It is a journey friends-all unfolding like it is supposed to.  We are all on this journey together. Each one of us having similar experiences but at different times. I send you love and light wherever you are on your path. May we all support each other as we all go through the process of peeling away the layers. (Glancing at the time, 11:11 appears on my laptop screen and I know, the Divine is here, in my words-thank you) Continue reading