The Book Commitment



From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

I have always wanted to write a book. So, why haven’t I? Well, I have so many thoughts and stories to write about, the process seems overwhelming and daunting I don’t know where to start or what subject to focus on or what would be the best message to convey.  There is the analytical mind getting in the way friends.   And, of course, with these thoughts, I am making it a harder process than what it is.   Continue reading

One of Many-Wayne Dyer’s Inspiration on my World

Critical points in our lives have profound moments of inspired guidance.  We always remember these times and the people that gave us the inspiration to make changes.  With yesterday’s news of Wayne Dyer’s passing, I felt compelled to share how the inspired ideas of one person can change a life.  Thank you for being the spark that changed my life Wayne. I am forever grateful. xo

A signed copy--thanks to my friend Amanda!

A signed copy–thanks to my friend Amanda!

My life took a major shift the day I bought the book, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.” By Wayne Dyer.  At the time, I was heavy with depression, self-hate and anger. I had everything a girl could ask for in life; money, security, material possessions.  But, I wasn’t happy. So, what gives?  I had to dig deep for the answer and what better place to find inspiration than the self-help section of my local book store. Continue reading

The Girl with the Bear Tattoo



I like to look at people’s tattoos. The ink they have placed on specific parts of their bodies. And, I wonder what significant meaning they hold.

A couple of weeks ago, a girl was next to me in my yoga class and as I looked over at her, I noticed she had a bear tattoo on the upper part of her left arm.  This surprised me, because girls normally get tattoos of flowers, words, Chinese symbols or, like me, dragons.  I wanted to go rushing over to her with my millions of questions to find out what it meant and why she put it there. But, being a respectful yogini, I didn’t want to interrupt her centering before class and left the questions until after our practice. Continue reading