Hall Pass to Imagine More!

So I have really been in to Abraham Hicks lately. My bestie sent me an email yesterday from a daily quote she received, it said, “spend more time each day imagining and less time doing.”

What?  What is this amazing gift of permisssion that says I can live in the magical space of my imagination more?  This, for me, is like winning the lottery, the jackpot, the mother load of all things wonderful.

Why?  Well, since I was a little girl, I have always loved to create scenerios in my mind.  When I was younger, these use to be extraordinaotry stories of an amazing life of love, parties, amazing friends and adventures.

As I grew older, the stories turned darker.  They consisted of not being liked, loved, or rejected. The people around me hurt me, I was laughed at and not taken seriously.  The stories consisted of not fitting in and being an outcast–the world was against me.

But, really, it was me against myself.  I realize that now. It took me a while to realize this but its true.

I have wanted to live in the grand stories of my imagination but then was always questioning what I had to do to have them come into reality.  I would try to figure out how to manipulate some thing or act a certain way (that wasn’t really me) to bring these stories to life.

After reading the Abraham daily quoate from my bestie, I realized, I didn’t have to do a freakin thing.  That if I just imagined what I wanted and really got into the feeling of it, all would naturally come into reality.  What?  Yes, this has happened to me before.  I have created my life but, the sneaky darkness comes in and screws shit up.  Damn ego…..gotta check your ass at the door.  Because I am creating the best life ever!!

Come on Mando…..we are going to Italy, we are traveling the world, we are falling in love with the worlds most amazing men who like to have kick ass fun with us!!

Amore!! (not sure what that means but it sounds good-lol!)

Secret Revealed! Having Fun Creates the Life of Your Dreams!!

How I amp up my day! I will be riding around in a city near you soon!

How I amp up my day! I will be driving around in a city near you soon!

“Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.”  Norman Vincent Peale, Author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

Ok, here is a news flash friends, anything you want to manifest is at  your fingertips but first you need to raise your energy vibrations and an amazing way to do this is by having fun (Being silly like me is optional). Continue reading