Fun Love

My bestie sent me this Youtube talk from Abraham Hicks yesterday. This morning I thought, why not get inspired by listening to one of these every morning.

See, this Esther Hicks talks about being in alignment with source energy. When you are in this vortex, as she calls it, you can manifest anything you desire.  She gives tips on how to get your thinking on the right track–to be clear of what you desire and start to generate feelings for what you want versus being focused on what you don’t want.

Hmmmm…what do I want?

The biggest thing I want, above everything else, (because I think I have everything–besides my Honda HR-V, but that’s coming next week), is a fun, romantic relationship. I want a partnership with someone to explore life with.  I want to be silly with someone and laugh my ass off and have romantic nights and growing together and finding more about ourselves through each other.  I want to love someone with all of my soul and want them to love me back the same way.

I know this is right there waiting for my energy to be aligned with it.  I am on the outside of this love vortex looking and “wanting” to be in it when in actuality, it is right within my reach….just by focusing on what all this would feel like.

I have thought about this relationship before. I have held it in my heart for a long time, even before I was married.  A lot got in the way but thats ok. I needed to go through some growth to be who I am today so I was ready for it.

How would it feel? Fun, exciting, secure, warm and fuzzy, romantic,  taken care of, protected, encouraged, strong.  It would be like, I HAVE IT ALL!  And, because of it, all of the best of me would come out even more. The world would be brighter for me and all who are in it.

Thats the magic of love and manifesting–it not only makes your world better, it touches all those around you.  xoxo


Find a Job You Love

I see people in jobs they do not care for because they “need” the wage it pays.  I see people seek out careers based on the money it will provide because they want to lead a certain lifestyle.  I see people identifying themselves with their careers, working like dogs to get ahead in the corporate world working 60 hours a week.

What if we approached life with the mindset of, “I am going to seek out a job that is fun”   Or “I am going to get a job that pays my bills, gives me money to do what I love and live life, not my job”

I hate to see people suffering in a job they do not like. They feel trapped by the pay that supports the lifestyle they choose to live.

But, this is all a choice.  I like multiple streams of income. I have a rental property and 3 part-time jobs. All of these things I love and make them fun, there is something to capture out of all 4 streams of income.

If you are in 60 hour week job and are happy with it, great, I am happy for you!  If you can’t find a single thing to be happy about other than the pay, please find something else and get out.

Choose a life of fun and adventure. Get creative, think of streams of income that can let you live more freely.

Or you can make the choice of letting your job run you.  Is it really worth the pay?


Live in Today

How many times do you catch yourself thinking of yesterday, last week or even last year?  It is ok to rekindle memories but when we sit and continuously churn experiences and thoughts in our minds, it serves no purpose.  This action tends to spiral into a theme of stories created in the mind that set us off in the present moment of today. This action carries the experience forward and the thoughts follow us, the feelings haunt us and we go into states of sadness.  

I released yesterday in meditation this morning. In bringing my focus to today, in this writing, I remind myself over and over that it is Monday March 6th-a new day, looking for new experiences, cultivating new feelings. Breath into today along with me xo

It is Monday March 6th. I am rooted in the present moment. The experiences, thoughts,feelings and emotions that happened yesterday, will remain there. They are the past and have no purpose in today.

It is Monday March 6th. It is a new day, with new thoughts and new adventures await.  I wonder what will happen today? What does life have to offer me today?  I can’t wait for the day to unfold, to give me surprises at every turn. Life is working for me today.

It is Monday March 6th. Today I breathe the day anew. There is no other day like today. I live my life moving forward into grand adventures, fun and laughter. I wonder, how can I make today more fun? More playful?  I wonder how I can explore today.

It is Monday March 6th. If my life ended today, I do not want to think that I wasted it on thoughts of yesterday. I want to go out like a hurricane of love, fun and adventure.

I am given the gift of today, Monday March 6th, now it is up to me to make the most of it.

The Complaining Stops Here

Should I write this morning about my predominant thoughts? The things that are driving me crazy? Or should I lay down this rainbow and unicorn blog about how to live life?

I know that when I focus on shit that bothers me,  it isn’t doing me any good. Complaining isn’t solving anything or bringing a resolution to what is going on.  In fact, nothing needs to be fixed except my perception of what is.

Here is what it is. I am surrounded by people that are complaining about every little thing-nothing is ever right. The kicker is when they find a resolution to their “major” issue, immediately the next issue comes up to focus on.

Ok, what the fuck is going on here?  These complainers are teachers in my life. The triggers are things that I dislike in myself. Am I complaining?  Not exactly like the people around me, but when reflected upon, yes, I am.  Not to people around me, but in my mind and the story that I am creating which is being projected out in the universe.

I can’t change the world outside of me but, I can change the world inside of me.  I want to attract powerful,positive, upbeat people into my life.  I want people with unlimited visions and who live on rainbow clouds of love.  I want to lead a life of fun, laughter and adventure. Only light energy of love is allowed in my life.

Be the person you want to attract into your life.  xo

Secret Revealed! Having Fun Creates the Life of Your Dreams!!

How I amp up my day! I will be riding around in a city near you soon!

How I amp up my day! I will be driving around in a city near you soon!

“Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.”  Norman Vincent Peale, Author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

Ok, here is a news flash friends, anything you want to manifest is at  your fingertips but first you need to raise your energy vibrations and an amazing way to do this is by having fun (Being silly like me is optional). Continue reading