The 2 Week Journey Inward

This Thursday marks 2 weeks until I turn 50. I will be 50 years old. whoa.

I love my birthday. I love the thought of celebrating myself and this life I love. I love thinking about all the new experiences that lay ahead of me on this amazing journey into the next decade of my life.

I feel as if the next year of my life is going to be huge, that big things lie ahead, that I will be living more boldly than I ever have before.

To live life in this way, I need strength and courage. I need self confidence and resilience.

I feel as if I have been preparing myself and building up everything that is needed.

But, there is something about this 2 week mark that has me wanting to hunker down and really unplug, cleanse, take time for me.

I will be cleansing in all areas of my life-food, social media and social outings. I will be practicing yoga and meditation more as well as practicing silence both at home and work. I will be doing less talking and more listening.

Looking forward to writing about the things that come up and how I have let them go.

The 2 week journey inward-finding peace, love and strength. I love you Kelly Jo xoxo

Thinking Beyond Limitations-Asheville or Bust

City of Asheville

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

Along my journey, I find many people do not live the life they so desire because they are stuck in a limiting belief system.  When a person is surrounded by people who cannot see possibilities, they are never encouraged to venture out.

The spiritual warrior must find the courage within themselves to stand alone and go against tribal mentality so they can follow their heart to live the life they are being called to live. Continue reading

The Girl with the Bear Tattoo



I like to look at people’s tattoos. The ink they have placed on specific parts of their bodies. And, I wonder what significant meaning they hold.

A couple of weeks ago, a girl was next to me in my yoga class and as I looked over at her, I noticed she had a bear tattoo on the upper part of her left arm.  This surprised me, because girls normally get tattoos of flowers, words, Chinese symbols or, like me, dragons.  I wanted to go rushing over to her with my millions of questions to find out what it meant and why she put it there. But, being a respectful yogini, I didn’t want to interrupt her centering before class and left the questions until after our practice. Continue reading