Meditation Forever!

For several years, I have talked about tools of empowerment. These are practices that we do in our life on a daily basis to keep us strong. Why? Because life isn’t always smooth sailing. The waters get rough from time to time and unless one has built a stable foundation, coping with life’s stressors can be daunting.  Feeling overwhelmed, often times turning to things outside of ourselves for the strength we need, the situation gets worse, we feel even worse and a seemingly small thing escalates into a huge issue.

I use to carry the belief that because certain practices are my empowerment tool, that everyone should use them to build strength and resilience.  But, I have seen that everyone deals with life differently and each person has their own set of tools that they draw their super power strength from.

For myself, meditation is one of my greatest tools. It eases my mind, helps me see the world with more clarity and aids me in dealing with the things that come up in a day.

Yesterday, I didn’t get in my morning meditation and realized that life seemed a little bit more hairy than usual.  I was more tense, less patient, more critical and more expressing of my negative voice.  This is an interesting observation in my thoughts feelings and behavior as it relates to meditation.

Although I find this practice extremely beneficial, it  been consistent until just recently.  I wasn’t committed to it.  I would usually wait til my life got a little crazy then go back to it.  But, what if, I made a full on commitment of daily practice? What if, after this 6 week commitment were over and I continued?

(Big breath) I Kelly Jo Garrigan, am committing to a life long journey of daily meditation. If I miss a day, so what.  I will continue the next day.  But, I will make every effort to do this practice for at least 15 minutes a day.  And, if I can’t do 15, I will do 5. I can fit in 5 minutes-come on!

Expanding my mind-building greater strength. Going out to kick ass in my life because this practice helps me stand confident in the knowing that I can do whatever the hell I want in my life. GO GIRL!! (ummmm…ok-lol)

New Light on Decisions

Every decision I make is the perfect one because I am doing what is best for me at the time.

There have been times, hindsight being 20/20 of course, I regret the decisions I have made. Many times making decisions is overwhelming to me. I want to make the right decision but do not trust that what I am doing is right. In this taxing state, I just wanted to throw the decision making onto someone else to relieve anxiety. And, of course, someone knows better than me right? My parents, my husband (when I was married), my friends, or extended family.

Older and wiser, I see decision making differently. I see that when a person has confidence and courage, they make decisions from a place of strength.  But, when a person is feeling helpless or lost, the decision comes from a place of instability.

Neither one is wrong. Decisions made from either place provides what you are needing at the time.  Our soul is constantly guiding us either in a place of instability or a place of strength.  When we feel lost, we are being directed to a place of stability.  In a state of confidence, we can venture into decisions that expand us into areas of the unknown.

All my decisions are from a powerful place and are guided by what my soul needs at the time.  So, I ask myself, “What do I need? What does my soul need?What is calling to me? What is best for me right now?”

The answer will always come up, empowered by the fact that you are doing your best with what you have now. xo




Hello Self? What Should I Do?


We are all born intuitive. I don’t mean the kind of psychic mind reading stuff. I am talking about the inner knowing-the guidance that comes from the soul.  Many people know this as gut instinct.

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you know something isn’t right?  Or the empowerment you feel when you follow what you know to be true for you? Yup, that’s your intuition. Continue reading

Building an Empire

Over here building my empire


From the Dairy of a Spiritual Warrior

I always wanted to build something amazing in my life. A company or a business, a place where I could be my own boss, creating stuff, helping people, calling the shots, being respected, being innovative, having flexibility and tons of fun. A place where people could come to work in bunny ears, play cards, take a half days’ vacation, have a glass of wine at noon.  We all worked hard but there was lots of fun and games too.  Am I serious? F-yah. Why not?

Recently, I had one of my “aha” moments, realizing that my life was the empire. 

From that, I was inspired with the following post. Enjoy. Continue reading