Hall Pass to Imagine More!

So I have really been in to Abraham Hicks lately. My bestie sent me an email yesterday from a daily quote she received, it said, “spend more time each day imagining and less time doing.”

What?  What is this amazing gift of permisssion that says I can live in the magical space of my imagination more?  This, for me, is like winning the lottery, the jackpot, the mother load of all things wonderful.

Why?  Well, since I was a little girl, I have always loved to create scenerios in my mind.  When I was younger, these use to be extraordinaotry stories of an amazing life of love, parties, amazing friends and adventures.

As I grew older, the stories turned darker.  They consisted of not being liked, loved, or rejected. The people around me hurt me, I was laughed at and not taken seriously.  The stories consisted of not fitting in and being an outcast–the world was against me.

But, really, it was me against myself.  I realize that now. It took me a while to realize this but its true.

I have wanted to live in the grand stories of my imagination but then was always questioning what I had to do to have them come into reality.  I would try to figure out how to manipulate some thing or act a certain way (that wasn’t really me) to bring these stories to life.

After reading the Abraham daily quoate from my bestie, I realized, I didn’t have to do a freakin thing.  That if I just imagined what I wanted and really got into the feeling of it, all would naturally come into reality.  What?  Yes, this has happened to me before.  I have created my life but, the sneaky darkness comes in and screws shit up.  Damn ego…..gotta check your ass at the door.  Because I am creating the best life ever!!

Come on Mando…..we are going to Italy, we are traveling the world, we are falling in love with the worlds most amazing men who like to have kick ass fun with us!!

Amore!! (not sure what that means but it sounds good-lol!)

Fun Love

My bestie sent me this Youtube talk from Abraham Hicks yesterday. This morning I thought, why not get inspired by listening to one of these every morning.

See, this Esther Hicks talks about being in alignment with source energy. When you are in this vortex, as she calls it, you can manifest anything you desire.  She gives tips on how to get your thinking on the right track–to be clear of what you desire and start to generate feelings for what you want versus being focused on what you don’t want.

Hmmmm…what do I want?

The biggest thing I want, above everything else, (because I think I have everything–besides my Honda HR-V, but that’s coming next week), is a fun, romantic relationship. I want a partnership with someone to explore life with.  I want to be silly with someone and laugh my ass off and have romantic nights and growing together and finding more about ourselves through each other.  I want to love someone with all of my soul and want them to love me back the same way.

I know this is right there waiting for my energy to be aligned with it.  I am on the outside of this love vortex looking and “wanting” to be in it when in actuality, it is right within my reach….just by focusing on what all this would feel like.

I have thought about this relationship before. I have held it in my heart for a long time, even before I was married.  A lot got in the way but thats ok. I needed to go through some growth to be who I am today so I was ready for it.

How would it feel? Fun, exciting, secure, warm and fuzzy, romantic,  taken care of, protected, encouraged, strong.  It would be like, I HAVE IT ALL!  And, because of it, all of the best of me would come out even more. The world would be brighter for me and all who are in it.

Thats the magic of love and manifesting–it not only makes your world better, it touches all those around you.  xoxo


Getting Ready to be Ready

You know those inspirational things you read something like-“Joy and happiness first then you will receive what you desire”.

I was listening to this Abraham Hicks thingy that my bestie Amanda sent me. It was awesome in that it states, as I often believe but often forget, “complaining causes a block in you desires.” Here we are creating problems that don’t exist.

I want to be in a state of allowing–allowing love, money, good times, adventures, trips with my bestie, good times with friends, being with my family.

It all starts with me. Me tapping into the love, joy and happiness in my heart. It is about me focusing on all the amazing kick ass stuff in my life. It is me not complaining about stupid stuff that really doesn’t matter or being afraid of stuff that probably won’t happen anyway.

I have so much good going on in my life right now.  I am freakin happy for every single thing.  I am getting ready to be ready. Today there is joy, happiness, abundance, good times, dance parties, cartwheels and rainbows.

Today is the best day ever!  I am open to allowing and receiving all that my heart desires.

We Are Going to Italy!

My bestie Amanda and I will be turning 50 this year.  Like, me, Amanda likes to celebrate her birthday for weeks, getting together with people she loves, eating lots of cake and getting lots of meaningful presents.

Like me, Amanda wants to make 50 the best birthday ever.  I had already wanted to go on some kind of trip to Europe for my 50th.  (I mean, its my 50th, I need to celebrate it big).

But, I wasn’t sure how I would get there (money wise).  See, my thoughts were to take a trip to Europe, I would go from 1-3 months. But to afford it,  I had to get a job that I worked 40 hours plus, then the question;  how would I take the time off?  I stuffed the idea back in mind, really doubting it would come to fruition.

Not sure how it all got brought up, but Amanda started talking about going to Italy for our 50th.  I was game-I am pretty much game for anything with Amanda cuz its always fun.

But, again, I stuffed the idea back in mind–I doubt we will be able to get the money to go.

We talked in Asheville about Italy.  I didn’t think a whole lot about it.  Then, I came home to Madison and Amanda started talking more about it-reporting signs she was seeing, bottles with Italy on it, boxes with Italian addresses, that sort of thing.

Amanda got me excited and with that excitement my thoughts turned from “I doubt it”, to “WE ARE GOING TO ITALY!”

Whoa!  The energy shifted. there was no doubt. And, like in the past, when I made a decision to do something, I found a way to do it.

Don’t be wishy-washy. Don’t say, “someday” or “if I can afford it then maybe.”  Say you are doing it.  This is when the Universe knows you are committed.  Energies shift and synchronicities up.

I am not sure how we are getting to Italy, but, WE ARE GOING!!!

And, the not knowing opens the Universe to work its magic.

The two funniest people on the planet will be traveling abroad in 2017….stay tuned.



Today is the Best Day Ever!

I got out my white boards yesterday. These are like blank canvases, just waiting for me to lay down creative ideas. I have one that announce “Kelly Garrigan Coaching.”

The other states

I write all the greatness on here that has happened throughout the day, capturing all that the universe is doing for me.

My bestie, one of the wisest manifesters on the planet, started saying this statement. In fact, she had on the greeting on her voicemail as:

“Hi this is Amanda. I am out having the best day ever! So leave me a message.”

This may not be verbatim but the enthusiasm in her voice, along with the statement made me cheer “whoo hoo!!” I want to go out and have the best day ever!

The thing with this, is that you have to view everything that happens to you as “the best thing”.

A guy doesn’t want to go out with you? GREAT!  There is someone better!

A friend declines an invitation? You have noone to attend the event with? So what!  Go by yourself, you are meant to meet new people!

Didn’t get the job? That one wouldn’t have been the one.

Relationship ended all of a sudden-yes, that is for the best. You need to go places you never could because of the relationship.

Got stopped by the police for speeding and now delayed for an appointment? Maybe that just saved your life.

There is always a reason for why things are happening. If they don’t bring these super great outcomes right away, we thing they are negative. But, really, they are for a future you cannot see. The Universe is always playing its hand in your life. There is a force that is weaving the pieces in place in order for you to “Have the BEST Life ever!”

I have to get my butt moving because, in the words of Amanda Litts,