Yoga Love

Hello World!  Writing from the bestest place on the planet-my killer pad in Madison.  Every morning I wake up and say, “I have the best life.”  I love this apartment, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my Honda HR-V, my two jobs….I am so in love with life xoxo

I haven’t been doing yoga. I love yoga. I haven’t been motivated to go to the studio for some reason and haven’t done much at home. When I was teaching, it kept me on my game.  My body feels so much better when I am doing yoga–especially with the highly physical jobs I am doing, my muscles get really tight.

I love the melodic flow of yoga. I love feeling like a strong warrior. I feel like I am in training, getting ready. Not for battle of any sort but connecting body to breath so I can be centered and strong walking through life. Flowing in yoga this morning made me feel really good.

I would still love a place like Asheville Community Yoga here. It was an amazing place to gather and be around love centered people.  It was a place that felt like home, the people my family.

Connections came easy in Asheville. It was a place that felt so comfortable.  I seek this same thing here.  I have looked for it since moving here.  I will keep exploring. No biggie. I know its there for me in Asheville. I can always go back-I can visit and see old friends, we are always connected.


Thinking Beyond Limitations-Asheville or Bust

City of Asheville

From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior

Along my journey, I find many people do not live the life they so desire because they are stuck in a limiting belief system.  When a person is surrounded by people who cannot see possibilities, they are never encouraged to venture out.

The spiritual warrior must find the courage within themselves to stand alone and go against tribal mentality so they can follow their heart to live the life they are being called to live. Continue reading