We Are Going to Italy!

My bestie Amanda and I will be turning 50 this year.  Like, me, Amanda likes to celebrate her birthday for weeks, getting together with people she loves, eating lots of cake and getting lots of meaningful presents.

Like me, Amanda wants to make 50 the best birthday ever.  I had already wanted to go on some kind of trip to Europe for my 50th.  (I mean, its my 50th, I need to celebrate it big).

But, I wasn’t sure how I would get there (money wise).  See, my thoughts were to take a trip to Europe, I would go from 1-3 months. But to afford it,  I had to get a job that I worked 40 hours plus, then the question;  how would I take the time off?  I stuffed the idea back in mind, really doubting it would come to fruition.

Not sure how it all got brought up, but Amanda started talking about going to Italy for our 50th.  I was game-I am pretty much game for anything with Amanda cuz its always fun.

But, again, I stuffed the idea back in mind–I doubt we will be able to get the money to go.

We talked in Asheville about Italy.  I didn’t think a whole lot about it.  Then, I came home to Madison and Amanda started talking more about it-reporting signs she was seeing, bottles with Italy on it, boxes with Italian addresses, that sort of thing.

Amanda got me excited and with that excitement my thoughts turned from “I doubt it”, to “WE ARE GOING TO ITALY!”

Whoa!  The energy shifted. there was no doubt. And, like in the past, when I made a decision to do something, I found a way to do it.

Don’t be wishy-washy. Don’t say, “someday” or “if I can afford it then maybe.”  Say you are doing it.  This is when the Universe knows you are committed.  Energies shift and synchronicities up.

I am not sure how we are getting to Italy, but, WE ARE GOING!!!

And, the not knowing opens the Universe to work its magic.

The two funniest people on the planet will be traveling abroad in 2017….stay tuned.



Today is the Best Day Ever!

I got out my white boards yesterday. These are like blank canvases, just waiting for me to lay down creative ideas. I have one that announce “Kelly Garrigan Coaching.”

The other states

I write all the greatness on here that has happened throughout the day, capturing all that the universe is doing for me.

My bestie, one of the wisest manifesters on the planet, started saying this statement. In fact, she had on the greeting on her voicemail as:

“Hi this is Amanda. I am out having the best day ever! So leave me a message.”

This may not be verbatim but the enthusiasm in her voice, along with the statement made me cheer “whoo hoo!!” I want to go out and have the best day ever!

The thing with this, is that you have to view everything that happens to you as “the best thing”.

A guy doesn’t want to go out with you? GREAT!  There is someone better!

A friend declines an invitation? You have noone to attend the event with? So what!  Go by yourself, you are meant to meet new people!

Didn’t get the job? That one wouldn’t have been the one.

Relationship ended all of a sudden-yes, that is for the best. You need to go places you never could because of the relationship.

Got stopped by the police for speeding and now delayed for an appointment? Maybe that just saved your life.

There is always a reason for why things are happening. If they don’t bring these super great outcomes right away, we thing they are negative. But, really, they are for a future you cannot see. The Universe is always playing its hand in your life. There is a force that is weaving the pieces in place in order for you to “Have the BEST Life ever!”

I have to get my butt moving because, in the words of Amanda Litts,


On the Path of the Butterfly

Morning Insights

This post is dedicated to my bestie Amanda Litts-you are always inspiring me to stay on the fun filled path of the butterfly-LOVE YOU!!!

I am aligning with the calling of my higher self. I have my butterfly wings on and am ready to float around the world, collecting stories and insights as I go.

Everyone has this unique calling in them. Think about it, is your heart calling you to sit at a desk, analyzing numbers, making sales, providing amazing customer service? Probably not. You are called to express the amazingness in you.

Don’t look to your current friend groups or your family for support-they will tell you that traveling the world on a shoe string budget is absolute lunacy.  Some people think its scary to travel 50 miles out of town let alone around the world.

I have met the butterflies–The people that are soaring on the current of their soul calling. They took leaps of faith. How? Each story is as unique as the individual.

Go out and find the butterflies. They are out there and you will be drawn to one another, even if for a brief moment.  Because the energy exchange between you will provide a spark of motivation to keep flying along on your butterfly path.

You are probably asking, “ok, what the hell do you want to do in the first place? What are these dreams that you keep talking about?”  Here they are in a nutshell people. The things that I wrote up on the left side of the sheet of paper at Kyle Cease’s EOL.

The things that make my heart beat with excitement-listed in no specific order

  • Live life as one continuous adventure of fun and laughter
  • Touch people’s life with yoga
  • Write light hearted stuff on the insights I receive on life from traveling and interactions with fellow butterflies
  • Open a holistic wellness center for healing and soul strengthening (the warrior training institute)
  • Coach people into their amazingness
  • Invest in growing-self growth, soul growth, expanded vision
  • Dance and play my tambourine
  • Play the piano
  • Read a poem in public
  • Love more
  • Paint this fucking life with so many stories, it creates 20 books.
  • Healing retreats
  • Open my grandsons life to unlimited possibilities

Here is a big secret for this beautiful butterfly-I have no clue what I am doing.  I have no clue how to  get where I want to go or bring to life the things that are in my heart. And, I am ok with it. I AM OK WITH NOT KNOWING!!!  In fact, I hope I screw this shit up.  I am on a mission to screw this up-making it ok to mess up, trip up, not get it right, learning as I go and not waiting to find the ‘perfect’ way of doing.

This I do know–I have a lot to do, got my wings on, I am ready to fly.