Asking for a Partner

Everything I ask for seems to magically appear. But, when its not in the form that I think it should come in, I block it fully coming to fruition with my resistance to what is.

I think, for the most part, this is most people’s problem with manifesting your desires. Things come to you but when its not the way we think they should be, all sorts of ideas and thoughts to it come up in our minds.

This just happened to me. I really desire a guy to do things with. To have fun with, travel with, go on adventures with.  And, one appeared but, it wasn’t the one that I really want because the one that I want is unavailable to me in that way.

So the path of least resistance is the one Abraham says to take.  And, for me, this would be like saying and thinking, “Oh, this showed up?  I guess I will take a hold of it and see what happens.”  I keep remembering being with this guy is easy-conversations are intriguing, he makes me think deep. He is open to trying new things and thinking in new ways. Qualities that are rare in guys my age (or most ages–lol).

I remember holding on in my marriage. Did I think Jim would turn into this prince charming, devoting his undying love for me and telling me that I was the most amazing woman in the world and that he would do anything for me?  I think he loved me in his own way but I never felt it. I never felt special.

I want to feel special to someone.  I want to be the center of someones world. I want to travel and have fun and find new things.  So, there are my desires.  Now, I am going to sit back and see what shows up. xoxoxo

Shift in Thinking


Something has changed within me-maybe its from listening to these Abraham inspirational talks every day. Maybe its focusing on all that I love. Maybe its giving myself permission to accept the fact that whatever I want, I can truly have.

I am not sure but I don’t care what it is, I am so happy and joyful. I am like,hey, GLEE!  Probably break out in a dance along with singing.

It started with this……

Yup, I got it! My Honda HR-V. Written in an earlier post, I had my eyes on the red one but when I went out shopping for it, there it was.  The price and payments that I wanted, the process was easy, I just did it.  I didn’t wait because I didn’t think I couldn’t.

See, I was in resistance to buying this because I didn’t want to tie up my money into a car payment, thinking that it would restrict me from doing other things. And, that is what I kept saying. No extra money for travel or manicures….but then I thought, ummm…whatever I want to have, the money will appear to pay for it.

And, this is the attitude I am starting to move forward with. No more thoughts of lack and scarcity, thinking I can’t do it or have it all. Thinking I have to wait for it all until I have a rich, hot amazing man (although I will have that too). No, I can have it all now.

And the feeling is empowering. I use to say, “don’t put happiness on material things.”  But, its more than that, I like nice things.  Pretty things make me feel good. Indulging in manicures and massages make me glow.  Getting dressed up and looking pretty make me feel like a princess. I like feeling like a princess. Why don’t I deserve it but the next person does?  I am worth it. Screw it-I want it all. Vacations, houses, cars, romance, money, shoes, clothes, money for friends and family.  I am proud of what I have and what I can give to others.

Gauging my feelings, this feel pretty damn good.

I was struggling when I first came back to Madison from Asheville. But, I kept saying–today, I have all I need. Today, my bills are paid. Today, I have money for food and an occasional going out with friends.  Today I am happy and loved and secure.

Because all I thought about was today, more of what I had today manifested.  You get what you focus on.

Go ahead, take a leap into a different way of thinking. Try it, see what happens. You might just get a new car, a better relationship, or a trip to Italy….