The Start of Campaign 50

On the verge of 50, for some reason, I feel like capturing more of my life. The feelings, experiences, the adventures I am about to go on; all of it.

Over the course of the last 6 months or so, I have been somewhat reclusive with my life. Normally posting all my great shenanigans on Facebook, I have been reluctant in posting.

When I am upset and down, it makes me even more sad seeing someone leading a glorious life. Being the sensitive type, I pulled back. Why keep bragging about this life full of miracles and joy when there are people out there facing some pretty serious difficulties?

Then, last night, I scrolled through my Instagram pics and was like, “hey I really like this.”  I am not capturing these pics for anyone other than me.

Its like capturing all the amazingness in my life so that on the down days, I have something to look back on that will help to lift me up. A place where I showcase all the abundance that exists, not only in my life, but in the world.

So, on the verge of 50 years old, I am starting a new campaign. The campaign of capturing the next year in pics.  I will be posting at least one picture on Instagram daily.

Not sure what this year will hold but it will most likely be filled with tons of laughs, lots of emotions and yes, a few tears (cuz I cry to release emotions…lol)

Follow my crazy, inspiring, loving, joyfilled,adventurous life on Instagram. I would love to share it with you!!  🙂

The 2 Week Journey Inward

This Thursday marks 2 weeks until I turn 50. I will be 50 years old. whoa.

I love my birthday. I love the thought of celebrating myself and this life I love. I love thinking about all the new experiences that lay ahead of me on this amazing journey into the next decade of my life.

I feel as if the next year of my life is going to be huge, that big things lie ahead, that I will be living more boldly than I ever have before.

To live life in this way, I need strength and courage. I need self confidence and resilience.

I feel as if I have been preparing myself and building up everything that is needed.

But, there is something about this 2 week mark that has me wanting to hunker down and really unplug, cleanse, take time for me.

I will be cleansing in all areas of my life-food, social media and social outings. I will be practicing yoga and meditation more as well as practicing silence both at home and work. I will be doing less talking and more listening.

Looking forward to writing about the things that come up and how I have let them go.

The 2 week journey inward-finding peace, love and strength. I love you Kelly Jo xoxo