Yoga 4 All

Making yoga accessible to all is a passion of mine.  My focus is donation based classes and serving those who could potentially benefit from the healing power of a yoga practice.

There are others in the yoga community who have a passion for bringing classes to people of color, large sizes, or people with disabilities. The list of who this practice can potentially serve can on and on.

Everyone can benefit from yoga because the practice is like a medicine that heals all that ails you plus, it touches you deep, right at the soul level.

I am gathering a list of people offering donation/free yoga classes in the Madison area. If you are one, let me know, I will add you to this list. If you do classes that are targeting a certain group, let me know, I will put it out here.


10:30am-Wilmar Center –Chair Yoga


10:30am Badger Rock Neighborhood Center– Gentle


10:00am Super Charged Foods – Yoga for all Bodies