Cultivating Tools of Self-Empowerment

The main focus in my practice is working with the subtle energy systems  in the body. This is known as life force, chi, ki, or prana. It is an energy moving in us and around us, that, although, cannot be seen, it can be felt.

Through the services I offer, I am helping to move energy in the body so it is flowing to optimally nourish your mind, body and soul.  Here, in this optimal state, you are balanced, healthy and at peace.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for deep relaxation that promotes healing.  Information on its history can be found here 

Many people who have experienced a Reiki session say they feel more relaxed, pain has subsided and they are able to let of of negative behavior patterns.  Often times, Reiki is a catalyst for major life changes.

Attuned and mentored under the loving guidance of Kathy Milanowski at The Carriage House in Deerfield WI, I bring many techniques that help to move and balance subtle energy within the body.

As a Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Master, I have seen the powerful effects a session can bring to a client.

  • Healing on a mental/emotional level
  • Decrease in inflammation of the body
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased immune response
  • Faster addiction recovery
  • Overall wellbeing and peace
  • Decreased pain in the body

Self-Investment-$65 Single hour session/$150 for 4

Reiki Classes

I teach Reiki workshops in my Madison studio as well as in Northern Wisconsin.

To find my current list of workshop offerings, see my Facebook page


Are you being pulled on a path of transformation?  The spiritual warrior needs tools for strength, resiliency and courage.  Let me partner with you as you uncover your soul purpose and bring your dreams to life.

Self-Investment-$75-single hour session/$195-3 one hour sessions/$300-6 one hour sessions


Certified as a yoga instructor through Asheville Community Yoga,  combined with my study of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine & my background as a Reiki practitioner, I bring energy techniques to my teachings.  Meridians, acupressure points, visualization and breath work are all taken into account within the practice to help you get your energy moving in the right direction. The result?  More vitality, a sense of empowerment and overall peace of mind.

Self-Investment- $60/hr


Additional Services

  • Nutritional Coaching for Weight Loss and Overall Health Improveent
  • Healing with Essential Oils
  • Meditation & Breath Work for Stress Reducation & Manifesting Desires

Self-Investment-Prices vary. Email me about pricing and developing a personlized plan for you.

Want to take leaps? Get your life in high gear? Have the confidence to bring all your hearts desires to life?


I can be reached by phone 715-923-4461