What’s Up? Well….Let Me Tell You!!


Hello all!  I looked at my blog posts today and was astonished by the fact that I haven’t posted a single writing since, gulp, July!

So, here I am, checking in today to write a quick update on what I have been up to.

Up North- Sharing Tools of Empowerment with My Hometown Tribe.

I live in Madison WI but just about all of my family live 3 hours  north in the great town of Peshtigo.  I have wanted to bring the things that I have learned on my journeys to my hometown for a few years now.  I want to bring enlightenment, uplifting, healing and a different way of looking at the world.   I am intending that a shift occurs so that future generations have tools to be strong, empowered and have the courage to bring change.  Lastly, I want to spark more culture, intellect, and curiosity in the minds of people.

I have been looking for a place to teach so, one day,  I reached out to my good friend Wendy who owns an awesome heart centered yoga studio to see if I could teach one weekend a month.  And?  I am!  Ya!!

Here is the link to to The Yoga Loft website. Come see me!  I have  space to see Reiki clients too. If you have any issues in your health-emotionally or physically, these sessions can help.  See more under my services tab to see what it could do for you.

I have lots to share in 2018 so stay tuned for the schedule of classes to come out shortly.  I do a 2 hour workshop on Saturdays covering various subjects but I mainly focus on energy work and meditation.  I promise these things will shift your life into an empowered state of being.  Then, Sunday morning is yoga, meditation and community. If you are longing for a place of connection, this is it-come join our circle.

Kelly Garrigan Coaching

I found space to see Reiki clients, do in-person coaching and private yoga sessions!!

Yes, thats right, starting November 1st, I will be sharing a space with my good friend April at Sacred Studios, located on Winnebago St,in Madison.  Its such a heart centered space-I am already in love with it and know all my clients will love it too!

I will be seeing clients Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings and Saturdays.  I will be updating my website to book appointments soon.

As a side note, I am seeing my Reiki sessions evolving into also including yoga.  The asanas of yoga can help to create space in our bodies for energy to move-which is so crucial for healing. I am excited about exploring this new path that has been set before me.

Oh, and……I am having a business logo designed!  Yes, this business is for real!

Empowerment Braclets

I have a new batch of Empowerment Bracelets!

These beauties are centered around the Chakras.  I am infusing each with Reiki love so each one holds a special gift from my heart to yours.  These are $25 each.  I will ship for an additional $3.

Contact me at heartfulkellyjo@gmail.com to purchase


Retreat Planning

My long term vision is to have a total of 4 retreats per year. Three in Wisconsin and one in Hawaii.

I am partnering with my friend Wendy in planning a Spring 2018 retreat! Watch for details and get ready to get some much needed away time to reset your mind, body and spirit.

Toolbox of the Spiritual Warrior

I found a platform to write online courses and will be putting together teachings for those who are on the path of the Spiritual Warrior.

What is this path?  If you are looking to discover your authentic self and finding your soul purpose, then you are on this path.

I am putting together tools that I have used on my own journey that have helped me stand strong, be courageous and have the resiliency needed as I ventured on unfamiliar paths.

Currently, I am working on a meditation course. I want my teachings to be light hearted (lets not take ourselves too seriously folks-come on this is suppose to be fun!) but full of wisdom.  Can’t wait to roll this out in 2018.

Invitation to Be an Insider

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Thank you for reading and as always sending….

My Light, Love, Smiles and Wishes for Happiness 🙂