Affirmations in Meditation

Affirmations are a powerful tool to use both throughout the day as well as in meditation.

I have been using the Insight Timer App to do my daily meditation and stumbled upon a meditation that uses 33 affirmations to receive abundance, health and love.

Below, I have listed some of the ones that resonated strongly with me.  What I have done in the past is record these affirmations on the voice memo app on my phone then played them back during my meditation practice.  If you don’t like your voice, let me know, I can record them and send them to you 🙂

Saying the affirmations out loud brings even more power to them. The vibration of your voice on the words brings energy to the affirmation. Try it both ways and see how it feels!!

  • I have decided to manifest prosperity in my life.
  • I am living the life I have always desired.
  • I am unlimited. I have ore than enough time, money and energy.
  • I ask for what I want, knowing its always given.
  • I am a receiver. Receiving expands the highest vibration that I am and brings me joy, happiness and prosperity.
  • I have decided its important to feel good.
  • I continually look for thoughts and experiences that make me feel the best I can be.
  • Today, I can do absolutely anything.
  • I listen to my intuition and receive Divine guidance clearly.
  • I take inspired actions that lead me in the best direction always.
  • Joy is the highest vibration and I choose to do things that bring me joy.
  • I only accept the best in all my relationships.
  • I easily let go of experiences and feelings that don’t serve me.
  • It is fun and easy to receive multiple sources of income.
  • I freely enjoy managing large amounts of money.
  • I live in a prosperous world, money flows in easily and effortlessly.
  • I envision success and plan for it daily.
  • I am a confident, powerful creator of money, prosperity and love.
  • I am a model for health, prosperity and financial success.
  • I inspire others to manifest their highest desires.
  • My bank account grows daily.
  • I exercise my body and take excellent care of myself.
  • I model others who live my desired lifestyle.
  • Everyday, I expect and receive miracles.
  • I deliberately create my life.
  • I have the power within to receive greatness.
  • My relationships grow healthier and happier every day.
  • I am truly grateful for the money and love I have in my life right now.

I know doing these affirmations will bring a shift in your life.  I am curious to see the miracles they usher in so please share your feedback with me!!

My love and light always xo